Our Promises to Our Insurance Clients

Insurance Rates

We understand that price is a big factor in choosing you insurance agency.  We have over 18 years of experience in finding ways to save you money on your insurance.  It begins with talking to you about your coverages and ends with shopping your rate with multiple companies.  In the end, we promise that we will do everything we can to save you money.

Insurance Services

Once you have the great price through a great company, it’s all about the service.  Our promise is to treat you as if you were our only customer.  We will take the time to explain any coverages, patiently answer any questions, and assist you in any way we can in the case of a claim.  It is our belief that you will never need to switch agencies ever again.

How Our Insurance Agency Is Different

This is where the magic happens.  More means something different.  More means customer appreciation events.  More means making sure you always have the best price.  More means being part of a family that thinks of you as more than a customer.  It is our hope that along with price and service you can also say that you love your insurance company.  That is our #1 goal.


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