Why another insurance company?


We began Everyone's Insurance in 2010 because we felt that there was a better way.  We aimed to give the lowest prices, provide great customer service and be an advocate for the customer.  

Yeah, we had heard that before too.  

So we set out to be driven by a simple question:  What kind of insurance company would WE want to do business with?  How far could we go to be THAT company?

Everything we do from the inside out is about redefining how insurance is approached in a more customer driven model.  We have longer hours.  We represent multiple companies competing for your business.  We always give the lowest price among the best companies available.  Our amazing staff are handpicked and empowered to treat YOU as they would want to be treated.

Since we all have heard this all before, we know the only way to be different is to actually prove it everyday.  

This is who we are and this is why Everyone's Insurance was created.